They are cool waves that gently move to reach the shore of art , which happily receives it. These waves mix and interact with the shore to produce diverse art work be it Oil, Water or Acrylic works, which show the creative side of artists.

We are a team share a similar hobbies, in which we express ourselves With full range of artistic works that tell of our love for Art. We love art and especially painting.

We expressed our thoughts and feelings, and Painted what we have seen with our minds and eyes. Our interests are not limited to paint colors on smooth surfaces, but include round shapes such as plates, vases and glasses to name few.

Art wave invites you to take a tour inside and browse Our web site to see the various arts works.

This site is dedicated to you art lovers to view and enjoy our works. Should you have any question, enquiries or interested in obtaining some of art works please do not hesitate to contact us . and we will gladly respond to your queries. AB+OJ